Inspections and Installs for Wood Burning Appliances in South Central Alberta

In order to offer the most comprehensive and thorough inspection services, Red Seal Inspection is WETT certified to offer inspections of wood burning appliances in South Central Alberta. We are also a certified solid-fuel space heater technician and are available to install all kinds of wood burning appliances. If you require a home and appliance inspection, package the two together and save! For more information to what WETT provides and more general information, you can visit WETT Inc. Our inspectors have their SITE Basic Inspection certification from WETT. Please browse our brochure for more information on our WETT services.

We complete inspections for the following wood burning appliances:

  • Wood stoves

  • Fireplace inserts

  • Pellet burning stoves and inserts

  • Outdoor wood boilers

  • Outdoor fireplaces

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